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The Ultimate Fishing Log App

FishingSmart App  (IOS only)

FishingSmart is the ultimate fishing log. Never again forget where or when you caught fish or under what conditions. Fast and simple, comprehensive, automatic data, statistics, mapping, photos, lists, filters, sorting, and more. Keep track of all your information without spending lots of time entering data. Plan your next trip using historical information about the best spot, the best time, the best lure, etc.

Easy to setup…quick on the water. Enter the names of your favorite lakes and streams. Select your favorite fish and lures from FishingSmart’s preloaded lists (over 60 fish and 3,000 lures)….or create your own. Catch a fish and press the Catch button. All the fields are quick selects and you can enter as much or as little information as you like. Edit or add data anytime.

With each catch, FishingSmart quickly and efficiently determines your current GPS location, real-time weather conditions and date/time, then stores them automatically.

Each new catch autofills most of the data from the previous catch. After all, you’re probably still fishing the same lake with the same water characteristics, catching the same fish, and maybe even using the same lure.

List all your catches or narrow down the list using powerful Filters and Sorts. Select statistics for the list showing over 20 categories…the best spots, lures, lure color, fish type, fish weight, weather conditions, water conditions, etc.

Map individual catches or multiple catches from a list, e.g., map by date range, time of day, fish type, lake, lure, etc. 

Store a picture of your catch by taking a photo or picking from your Photo Library.

For each catch, ability to log: 
    - Lake or stream name
    - Date/Time
    - Voice Memo
    - Purpose of trip
    - Fish name, length, weight
    - Lure name, weight, color
    - Water temp, clarity, depth, level, structure
    - GPS location
    - Weather
    - Notes
    - Photos

FishingSmart was designed and written by an avid fisherman who loves to have data but doesn’t want to spend much time entering it…especially when the fish are biting!!  I hope you like the app. Please drop me a line at support@FishingSmartApp.com and let me know what you think. Thanks.



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Privacy Policy

FlyFishCode, LLC ("Developer") operates FishingSmart App for IOS (“App”) and www.fishingsmartapp.com (“Website”).  This page (“Policy”) describes the Developer’s privacy policy regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of data that it receives from people (“User”) using the App or Website.  By using the App or Website, the User agrees to the collection and use of information in accordance with this Policy. 

Information Gathered

The following section describes the data (“Data”) gathered by the App.  With the exception of items described in “Information Shared” below, Data is not sent to any other party outside of the User’s device.

  1. Data gathered by the App is stored locally on the User’s device.  Most of the Data involves the record created when the User indicates a catch (“Catch”).  This includes, but is not limited to: ​​
  • Catch information
  • Catch GPS location
  • Catch weather
  • Catch photos
  • Setup information for spots, fish, and lures
  • Settings values
  1. The Website does not store any data but can use User-supplied information to send an email to the Developer.

Information Shared

There are several instances that user information is shared:

  1. A Catch GPS location is used to obtain current weather information.  Using the Developer’s unique API key, the GPS location coordinates are passed to OpenWeatherMap’s (https://openweathermap.org) API, which returns the weather for that location.  This information is stored in the Catch record.  Please review the OpenWeatherMap API Privacy Policy which is located at https://openweathermap.org/privacy-policy.
  2. If the User requests a map view, the Catch’s GPS location is passed to Apple’s map services to retrieve a map showing the location.
  3. The User may request to export Catch data.  
  4. Apple has access to App and its Data for backup purposes.

Access to Services

Depending on the User’s needs, the App may require services on the User’s device:

  1. The App may require access to the User's photo library to process and save photos taken by the App.
  2. The App may require access to the User’s camera to take a photo related to a Catch.
  3. The App may require access to the User’s microphone to record a voice memo associated with a Catch.
  4. The App may require internet or network access to obtain weather information, Export data, Backups, and Loading maps.

Changes to the Policy

This Policy is effective as of January 12, 2019, and will remain in effect except with respect to any changes in its provisions in the future, which will be in effect immediately after being posted on this page.

Developer reserves the right to update or change the Policy at any time.  Users should check the Policy periodically.  The User’s continued use of the App after any modifications to the Policy are posted will constitute the User's acknowledgment of the modifications and their consent to abide and be bound by the modified Policy.

If any changes are made to the Policy, Developer will notify User via the App.

Summary of Policy changes so far:

  • January 12, 2019 - First published.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Policy, please contact us at  www.fishingsmartapp.com.